Our team offers more than ten years of experience within the Corporate Social Responsibility field and an extensive knowledge of the fashion industry in Italy. 

MOST develops CSR programs for the fashion industry by preserving brand reputation and engagement:

  • mapping your supply chain by analyzing and monitoring the social-environmental impact within a specific country context;
  • performing ad-hoc social audits and monitoring projects;
  • providing training for your suppliers and awareness programs;
  • conducting living wage assessments; 
  • developing traceability programs to understand the origin of your products, the social impact on communities and animal welfare practices;
  • conducting country risk assessments
  • creating collaborative partnerships with trade associations and no profit organization by promoting your company profile within the communities where you produce

MOST is supported by local certified auditors and consultants, that guarantees high standards and quality services.

Our services can be extended to the following regions: Spain, Portugal, France, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Albania, Croatia and Serbia.

Understanding the cultural developments is a fundamental approach to achieve successful results within a CSR program
— Melisa Cerizza, Founder of MOST CSR

What we provide

  • CSR programs, audits and projects
  • Supply Chain Mapping and Traceability
  • Risk Assessments
  • Living Wage in Italy
  • Consultancy
  • Training
  • Partnership
  • Empowear